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Welcome To my World

Hi! I’m Lisa and I am a paper filigree artist.

“Paper filigree?” You ask. To be honest, the more current term is ‘quilling.’ But the term quilling has only really become popular over the last hundred years or so. Paper filigree, can be traced back almost 500 years to the French nuns.

It’s the process of taking small strips of paper and twirling them into beautiful works of art. I love the flexibility and colors. Whether it’s making a necklace or a framed piece, teaching classes or designing original patterns.  I find it all very satisfying.  

So spend some time with me. Look around. Sign up for my newsletter! And let me know what I can do to help you enjoy this marvelous adventure with me!

Lisa Palmer ©NeverBoredCreations

“Made to Shine in the Dark”


“Cherry Picker”