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I grow up at 20th and Plum - 20 miles from nowhere and Plum out in the sticks! (a.k.a. outside of a small town in Missouri) There was one thing my Mom would not tolerate - kids saying, “I’m bored.” Her response would be a stack of laundry to fold, dishes to wash, or anything else that was truly boring.

So I took advantage of being taught how to sew, embroidery, and crochet. Over the years, my interest in handwork has lead me to learn other skills. Through books, DVDs  and friends, I have learned cross stitching, scrap booking, card making, shuttle tatting, and I dabble in quilting. But my latest awe is paper filigree (quilling).

I am a wife, mother, Nana, daughter, Sunday School teacher, and add to this mixture, a business owner.  I also call myself a software junkie. I’m not formally trained in anything web or computer related, but I can make just about any software do what I want it to. I love designing my patterns and helping others with websites.

So, when people ask the ultimate question, “How do you find the time?” I respond, “I’m never bored!”

Why “Never Bored Creations?”

Never Bored Creations is an outlet for the creativeness with which I have been blessed. My vision is to share my love for creative crafting with you by making those creations available for purchase and by providing instructions and supplies to you so you can also enjoy creative crafting, AND never be bored!